Guest Writer – Alex What an amazing journey

Hi Family, Friends and followers.
This morning I’m lying next to my amazing wife after a few tough weeks in hospital. She is resting and pain free. Anoula’s disease has recently taken a huge toll on her health and energy, but it has not had the slightest impact on her courageous attitude.
I am laying here with mixed emotions of sadness, ease and content. I am extremely proud of Her. Anoula’s travelled on a journey of self healing all while helping and inspiring others but never complaining. We always said she could write her own story and what she has chosen to include in this story is a reflection of the real Anoula. Traveling on the bus with her has been truly inspirational with life moments that most will never experience. It has brought the best out of both of us and made the A team even more.
The tidal waves of support from all of you makes us both feel incredibly fortunate and I appreciate Feeling fortunate in this type of situation would not be a common emotion.
Last night we met with Anoula’s world leading oncologist. To simplify and avoid the medical jargon, Anoula’s story is in it’s final chapter. We are able to make her comfortable during this time. This, including the fact that all of Anoula’s wishes have been acted upon and all the medical avenues have been explored, makes me feel comfortable as well.
I ask that everyone takes a moment today to send Anoula some thoughts, well wishes, prayers, positive energy or what ever you have in your arsenal to boost and her give her complete confidence for her new beginning.
I thank you all for following Anoula’s incredible journey and apologise if this post isn’t up to the usual standard. The guru can’t type or advise me in the functionality at this time.


21 thoughts on “Guest Writer – Alex What an amazing journey

  1. You are a brave and courageous woman, your story leaves me speechless but gives hope to many, continued positive prayers are being sent your way..


  2. Anouli, I am priviledged to have you in my life. Our paths have crossed for a reason. I am there for you and the reason has emerged! You have enriched the lives of all those people that you have touched. Thank you for teaching me so much. All my peaceful and beautiful energy is sent to you. Be at peace my beautiful Anoul!.


  3. We feel very privileged that we have travelled on this remarkable journey with Anoula. Sadly this journey has reached its destination but we take strength from her determination, her courageous spirit her zest for life and the undying love she had for her family and friends. There will be a lifetime of aches in many hearts. Take care Alex. You have been a pillar of strength for all. Xx


  4. Your journey of courage and mental strength Anoula is an inspiration to all of us. We wish you all our love and strength x x x


  5. Hi Anoula,

    Paul King forwarded Alex’s email/post and I am so grateful for that; and now the ability to drop you a short note. There is little that I can write that makes a physical difference, but I know when we spoke last year, you inspired me to make a change. I am eternally grateful for the inspiration.

    Thanks to Alex, although I never met you, thank you. I worked with Anoula at Celgene while up in China and in Sydney.



  6. My heart goes out to you Alec…. Anoula was such a positive and courageous lady and while ever there is night her shining star will always shine… You are at peace…..xxxxx


  7. Dearest Anoula and Alex, thank you for sharing your journey with us; truly inspiring and courageous! Alex you are fantastic…..special love and prayers and thoughts for you now. Bron and Pete XXX


  8. Anoula, your inspiration will live forever. Rest in peace
    Alex, there are no useful words I can summon at this moment. Our thoughts are with you and the family.
    Tim and Caroline, UK


  9. I have just read your journey and am deeply humbled. Alex, the courage it must have taken to write this post is incomprehensible. Your love for each other evident. I am day 5 of cycle 20 with my disease in my lungs and brain also so have read every post and learnt from each one. I take deep inspiration and strength from what I have read. Your grace and openness has helped me. I send you love, thoughts, prayers and strength. Thank you for sharing. You have touched my heart X Fleur


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