Guest Writer – Alex.

Happy Birthday Nouls,

Your birthdays were always extra special. I enjoyed them immensely.  This is true for so many of us.

I know your having a great day with mosses, I’m waving to you and blowing a kiss.

To continue with tradition, some of your much-loved team and I are having lunch at one of your favourite places; I know your presence will be felt.

I feel you here all the time and I get your signs, thank you for everything, you will always be my amazing. xxx

For those I haven’t seen or spoken to lately, the aftermath is going ok. The tidal wave of support is humbling. All the special people I have and the endless opportunities in front of me make me feel fortunate. Anoula really seems to be pulling some strings up there, which has been making every day special.

Please make contact with me if you would like to get together to reminisce, perhaps make some new memories and celebrate life. For those who have sent through their condolences by whichever means, I’m especially appreciative and will be in contact as time permits. I will be travelling for a few months, so please contact me (, facebook or instagram – I know social media…….) to see what/when/where will suit.

Hold on to your memories of Anoula and be sure to have your stories ready to share when I see you face to face.