Anna and Lenny

The Maltese Beyonce and my Serbian Guru

I met Anna on the first day of uni. My friend and I were in a queue I think to select subjects. I did a lot of queuing in the first week of uni. We were ‘discussing’ the attire of some of the other students. Anna amused by the conversation turned around and smiled in agreement. We have been friends every since. Her career path has been very similar to my own and she is about to become a mum for the first time. She is beautiful inside and out. Intelligent, gentle and wise. I love her dearly.

She married a giant in every sense of the word. Lenni. Big heart, big soul, great man. His dad passed away from cancer two or so years ago. I am not sure what it triggered in him, but it seems to me it was a turning point in his life and he has not looked back. Since my diagnosis they have been there every step of the way, sharing their research and experience. Lenni has become a bit of spiritual guide for me. His belief of death and disease have been comforting and uplifting. I sometimes wonder whether I was meant to meet Anna so that I would in turn meet Lenni.


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