My Brother – Vas

My (not so) Little Brother

There is only one other person who has not put a foot wrong in my eyes since my diagnosis. My baby brother. He has become a rock to Alex and I. He calls me everyday, just to check on the ‘chest’ and see how I am feeling. Sometimes with a new scientific breakthrough he has read about, a new superfood to try, a funny/naughty story to tell, but always a positive attitude.

I remember his first day of school and how upset and distressed he was. I sat with him in the playground and tried to comfort him. When that didn’t work we went into my classroom and played with toys until he was able to breathe again. I have always felt like his protector. As time went by I became known as ‘Vassili’s Sister’. He was popular, sporty and often got up to mischief but luckily he also had a brain. He is much bigger than me now and I sometimes feel that he is re-paying me for the kindness and caring I sometimes showed him as a child. I feel like the roles are reversing and I haven’t yet let go, but I realize I need to open myself up to this in order to gather strength from it



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