Am I a Muse? 

My beautiful poem. Written just for me. 



Cycle 7 Day 1: Published Author?

I submitted an article to my industry magazine. They read it, liked it and published it! 

They even put me on the cover!! (Although I would have picked a different photo)….what was I thinking when I sent that to the Editor!!! 

I’ve written similar stuff on here before, but this article was going to be seen by my peers, my colleagues – past and present. I was voicing my opinion and sharing my experience and for me (well, the old me) this was brave. I was putting it out there for people to see and read. (I know, I know…that’s what I do on my blog every time I post, but this feels a little different) 

I wondered…would I look like a fraud?? Would it be meaningful? Would people get my writing style? Would any one bother to read it?? Would people agree?  Would it really matter? 

I decided it doesn’t matter either way. I feel proud. I have come so far since the photos were taken. It feels like a lifetime ago. 

It’s probably not my best writing, but it’s an honest account of how I feel. It’s a small step, who knows where it will lead. And so far positive feedback…. No trolls 😉